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Character Classes

As thou beginst thy life in the vast land of Astonia, thou canst choose to be either a Warrior or a Mage.

Choose to become a Warrior, and thou shalt be a fierce fighter and a master of the sword and other weapons.

Choose to be a Mage, and thou shalt be a master of magic and spellbinding.

Ishtar may bestow the honor upon thee to become a Seyan'Du, one of the chosen few elite fighters. A Seyan'Du combines the powers of a Mage with those of a Warrior. To become a Seyan'Du, thou must pass special quest, and many have failed this final trial. Shouldst thou succeed, thou shalt be reborn as a new character, but with the option to become a fighter superior to all others.

Yet as the challenges to overcome are numerous and perils abound, thou must not speculate on becoming a Seyan'Du at this point.

Alternatively, thou canst aspire to become the level of an Archwarrior or an Archmage and thus exceed the specific skills of thy race beyond the powers of even a Seyan'Du.

The World of Astonia - Geography

Thou shalt embark on thy journey in the southern part of the world, in the vicinity of the provincial town of Cameron. The climate is mild and pleasant, and the laws of the Empire are still being followed. As thou advancest, thy journey will take thee northbound to the Imperial capital Aston. In and around Aston thou wilt meet with travelers from all over the world and encounter manifold creatures and monsters of wondrous nature.

As thou travelst northwards on the Imperial road, thou shalt see even wilder creatures, such as banshees, swampthings, goblins, dwarfs and demons. Having reached the dark city of Exkordon, thou hast entered the vast uncivilized part of Astonia that has forsaken the Imperial regency. No traveler has yet been known to return, but it is said since time immemorial that thou shalt meet thy final challenge in the northernmost part of Astonia, the hidden Icepalace of Iskyold.

Killing and being killed

Thou shalt have to partake in many a battle during the course of thy life in Astonia. Shouldst thou ever die with no Saves to thy name, thou shalt lose all thine equipment and all items in thine inventory. Thou hast the chance to regain thy belongings if thou canst reach the place of thy death, where thy body will await thee for 30 minutes. Since Ishtar doth not gladly suffer his followers to fail in battle, each death shall be punished by Negative Experience.

However, every time thou reachest the next level, Ishtar will be pleased and grant thee one Save, thus once saving you from death. Thou shalt not lose thy belongings nor receive Negative Experience if thy death occurs in an area marked as an Arena. When thou hast slain thine enemy, SHIFT/LEFT CLICK on his body to loot him.

If thou art a Player Killer (PK), and are killed by another PK, a Save shall not be used, even if thou hast one or several Saves left. Neither shalt thou be punished by Negative Experience.


Thou shalt meet many traders and shopkeepers in Astonia. Just say: , trade. The goods he has to offer, as well as their price, shall be displayed. Thou shalt also see appear the amount that the shopkeeper would be willing to pay for the items thou art carrying in thy inventory and equipment. Just click on an item to either buy or sell.


Thou shalt see banks in most of Astonia's towns and cities. Just say: balance to see how much money thou hast left in thine account. Say: deposit to deposit gold in thine account, and say: withdraw to withdraw gold from thine account.

Thou canst also deposit items in thy bank depot. Thou canst open thy depot by using the closet in the bank buildings.


As thou advancest in the world of Astonia, thou shalt find that alchemy is used by many of its inhabitants. Thou too shalt have the ability to use it. To create potions, make use of at least one empty flask, one mushroom, one berry and one flower. The rest thou shalt find out for thyself...

The Transport System

Thou shalt find Teleport stations, relics of the ancient culture, all over the world. Thou wilt easily recognize them by their strange features and their eerie glow. As thou SHIFT/LEFT CLICK on the Teleport Portal, thou shalt see a map of all teleport stations. CLICK on the destination of thy choice. However, thou shalt only be able to teleport to a destination that thou hast reached at least once before by foot. Take heed to touch any new Teleport station on thy way, so that thou canst teleport thither in times to come.


Thou shalt find magic items and magic chests in many places in Astonia. Some of these are individual items. An item in a chest might respawn for thee individually only once per week. Thus, try all thou canst to open it one day after last using it, the chest will be empty for thee. Nevertheless the item might be available to another player at the same time. Many of the quest items thou findst will not be transferable to another player.