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Creation of the first clan in Ugaris

Poison Clan Creation

The first Clan on Ugaris was created.

The long tunnels

Long Tunnels

The long tunnels, used for millitary experience or normal experience.

Creeper death run

Creeper run

One of the first "joint" creeper runs.

Hidden Treasure


Some hidden treasure chests found in Ugaris.

The Swamps leading to exkhordon

The Swamps

The swamps leading the exkhordon.

The hermit


A Hermit in the forest of exkhordon providing a quest

The pentagrams Quest

The Pentagrams Quest

The Pentagrams Quest is a on-going forever quest about killing demons and activating pentagrams.

Random Dungeons

Random Dungeons

A party of people doing a Random Dungeon.

Master Trader Conspiracy

Conspiracy of Master Trader

Some fun in chat with several players.

The mad Knights

Mad Knights

One of the Quests in Cameron.

Lucky pentagram in pentagram Quest

Lucky pentagram

A lucky pentagram was hit in the pentagram quest.

Hidden area in Cameron

Hidden area

One of the many hidden places in the new Cameron.

Jessica's camp in Cameron

Jessica's Camp

Camp of one of the quest NPC's.

A Beautiful bridge in cameron

Beautiful bridge/River

A beautiful bridge/river on the way to one of the robbers hide-outs.

A Robber hideout in Cameron

Robber Hideout

One of Robbers hideouts.

Camp of the hermit in Cameron

Hermit Camp

Camp of one of the quest NPC's.

Starting area in the fortress of cameron


The starting Fortress in Ugaris.

First quest in Cameron

First quest

Path to the first quest given by James/Lydia.

Arena for fighting in Cameron


Arena where one can fight another player without losing equipment.

Path to aston through the forest

Path to Aston

Redesigned path to Aston.

Lost ruins island in forest to aston

Lost ruins

Island on the way to Aston.