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Rules and regulations

Social behavior and in-game chat.

The game is intended to be fun for everyone to play. As a social game with a chat as a large and integrated part of the game, there are some rules specific to the chat channels.

1. The game language is English, and that is the language to use in all public channels. The leaders of private channels such as clans or clubs have the choice to allow a different language, provided all people in said channel knows this other language. Use of other languages may result in being muted for a time.

2. No use of profanity, spam, disrespectful, hateful or racist language, speaking in all capital letters repeatedly, misleading other players or harassment of other players is permitted in any channel, and will be punished severely. This kind of behavior will be punished with mute, if repeated by karma.

3. Channels have specified uses, and should be used accordingly. For instance all trade-related talk belongs in the /c3 (Auction) channel. Erroneous channel use will first result in a warning, secondarily by being muted for a time.

4. Administrators can be recognized by their colored names in the channels. Impersonation an administrator will be severely punished.

5. Disrespect towards or failure to comply with an administrator’s instructions will be punished.

6. Advertisement of other games or other astonia3 engine based servers is not permitted. You may discuss other games or servers only in the /c10 (games) channel.

7. Switching characters or attempting to avoid punishment by other means will result in increased penalties.


Gameplay and moral conduct

1.  For an enjoyable gameplay exploits must not be used for personal advantage, but reported. If you find any bugs please report them to game@ugaris.com. Exploiting bugs will be severely punished.

2. The use of macros, scripts or third party programs to play the game whilst not controlling your character yourself is considered an exploit. If caught by the Macro Daemon, failure to respond within 5 minutes will result in punishment. If caught by an administrator after Macro Daemon has delivered punishment, your account will be banned.

3.   Hacking or scamming another player is forbidden and will be punished severely. If caught the penalty is an account ban. Stolen goods will not be restored to the original owner.

4. Whilst we do not forbid account sharing, the risks involved is each player’s own. If you are scammed due to account sharing we will not take any action.

5.   The risks of transferring items between characters or accounts are your own, if you do not use an administrator for it. If you are scammed of your gold or items during an item transfer we will take no action.



Punishment is measured in karma. Each character begins with 0 karma. You can never gain more karma. When punished you will lose karma, it becomes a negative value in your character description. Loss of karma will also mean loss of experience, amount of which follows the table below.


Table of Punishments:


Karma change




One fourth of a Death



One half of a Death



One full Death



Two full Deaths



Loss of one full level



Loss of character