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Ugaris - The Legend Recovered

"Welcome, Adventurer, to the enigmatic realms of Astonia. A world brimming with danger and opportunity awaits. Arm yourself with valor and let your powers craft your destiny."

Discover Ugaris

Ugaris is not just any MMORPG; it's a realm where legends are born, and tales of heroism are etched into the very essence of its world. Born from the renowned Astonia 3 engine by Daniel Brockhaus. Whether you choose the path of a warrior, mage, or the esteemed Seyan'Du, mastering both sorcery and swordplay, your journey will be unique. With a diverse skill system at your disposal, every choice shapes your destiny. Forge alliances, engage in epic wars, and carve your name into the annals of Astonia. The adventure is yours to command.

Embarking on Your Journey

Embark on your adventure in Ugaris today – it's free to dive into. Simply download the game from our official site . For optimal experience, we recommend the windowed version, especially for those on newer operating systems. Once installed, log in with your character credentials (created via the "account management" section) and step into a world awaiting heroes. Should you need assistance, our in-game staff are ever-ready to aid you on your quest.

Keep abreast of all things Ugaris with our in-game updates and announcements. Dive into the lore, uncover secrets, and strategize your next move by exploring our Encyclopedia - a treasure trove of knowledge for those seeking to enhance their journey (note: may contain spoilers).

A Humble Request from the Chronicles of Ugaris

Beneath the hallowed scrolls of our Encyclopedia, as thou dost embark upon thy valiant quests within the realms of Ugaris, we beseech thy noble spirit to consider a boon of support. Verily, Ugaris thrives by the grace and zeal of volunteers, akin to the ancient order of Seyan'Du, who toil without claim for gold or glory.

As the legends of old were wrought by the hands of those who dared to dream beyond the mists of mere survival, so too is our community sustained by the kindred spirits of patrons and adventurers alike. If thou findest the journey enriching, and thy heart swells with the urge to uphold the legacy of Astonia, pray, let not thy pouch of gold weigh heavily upon thee.

Hark! Shouldst thou wish to render aid, a humble button lies below—crafted by the finest digital smiths—inviting thee to donate. Fear not the sorcery of technology, for even in these medieval environs, a simple click can work wonders as potent as any spell cast by the high mages of yore.

Lend us thine aid, o gallant wanderer, and let us together ensure that the torch of Ugaris burns bright against the encroaching shadows of oblivion. Click the enchanted artifact below, and may thy generosity echo through the corridors of time!

Thy contribution shields us from the dragons of financial distress and the spectres of server downtimes. A thousand thanks, and may thy path be ever clear and monsters few!


Discord Bot Live!

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Discord Bot, designed to sync in-game chat with our Discord server seamlessly! This means you can now chat with players in the game directly through Discord. Replies made in-game will appear in the corresponding Discord channels and vice versa. No more excuses for being away from the keyboard—Discord's excellent phone app lets you stay connected and chat from anywhere in the world!


Ugaris now has a patreon page for everyone to use! This page will allow you to subscribe to a subscription tier to support marketing and development of Ugaris. All money will go towards this. No Pay to Win rewards. https://www.patreon.com/ugaris


Server is currently offline - We are working to get it back up again.

Server running

Apologies for the downtime, we are running again. Check Discord for more details.

Minor Update

A few bugfixes. The teleport at RDs now work again. Also some preparation for future updates. 

Ugaris back online!

Ugaris is finally back online. After a long downtime. check our discord for more details.

Server Move

Moved servers today, website is already moved over, will move the server over during the day. Downtime expected.

Sauron new administrator

There is a new god in town. Sauron is now part of the administration team.


We are looking for several individuals interested in making videos for Ugaris! For more information visit our discord server!


Cameron is now LIVE!

Server update

Big update to live server see Changelogs for details


Major update to the website

First event

First event held by Payne


Top level character list implemented you can find it here