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Our vision

We are all enthusiasts of the original Astonia3 or the New World version of it. We are convinced, that within the Astonia3 engine and its many unique game mechanics lies a potential to a game even more successful than the original became. Our goal is to develop and enhance this game and see how far and how great we can make it. All still, while preserving the uniqueness of the game we all love.

To this end, we focus on a strong connection between administration, development team, (all of whom are active players themselves) and the people who play our game. Our team consists of skilled programmers, graphic designers and other talents. They have all embarked on this project by own initiative, with enthusiasm, and dedicate much of their spare time on this project. For this, we owe them much gratitude.

We believe, that by our joint efforts and shared love of this game, we can accomplish our vision of a game that will bring joy to people for many years to come.