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Werewolf Quest

Werewolf Quest

Under Development  check back for updates

This is a quest for those of Lvl 70 or so  entrance being in Skellie 3 in Cameron


A Spade

Moonie weapon ( Sword or Dagger of Moon)

A Full Moon at Night (Talisman pieces are only present when full moon is shining at night)

A Stat Pot appropriate for your character (Unless your immunity is insanely high)

Locations to visit:

Maze ( 59,208)... W from the door, a stone pushing puzzle like EU Talisman piece on pedestal

Big Tree (221,223)... S from the door talisman piece in tree

Rock (225,145)... NE from tree, use spade on rock to get talisman piece

Moon Pool Entr (143,214) Use assembled Talisman on pool... do not kill the werewolf there, Return to Yoakin and give him the talisman.



The area is infested with Dire Wolves who have an insanely strong war cry and are very hard to kill

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