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Vampires 1 & 2

When you are lvl 19 Thomas will tell you that his master Sir Jones wishes to speak with you.  Sir Jones will offer you the vampire quest.

Vampires 1 & 2 can be particularly frustrating. There are Fire traps which once you are burning you can only put out with water or recalling out or wait till it goes out but you usually die first.  Never come here without a recall scroll.  There are Spike traps also.  The First Vamp Lord should be killed while wearing the Amulet of the Sun to get credit from Sir Jones. Since one of the 3 coffins with the parts of the amulet is his coffin, you may have to let him respawn and kill him twice.

After killing the first lord you must go back to Sir Jones, he will congratulate you and give you the second Vamp Lord quest.


The dagger of the Falcon is required to kill the Second Vampire Lord .


You will get your exp for the second lord when you kill him, there is nothing to be gained by going back to Sir Jones, he does not say anything further.


Do read all books you find as they contain clues to locations of  the 3 Amulet pieces. They are all in coffins... look on map for coffins with a little black dot on them


On your way to the second Vampire Lord in the Spike Trap area at the top of the map there is a locked door.  This leads to the Dragon Quest  from  Carlos  Lvl 30 - 35  dragons be there


Note for Warriors.... do be careful where you Warcry it can attract lots of unwelcome attention from behind closed doors !

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