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The Swamps



Kelly has told you  the army has lost contact with one of its outposts. Follow the path outside her house east to the outer wall of Aston, then head south until you see another path leading out of Aston, take it to the swamp.
Take the path that leads to the right and follow it until you reach the outpost.  There you will meet Clara, who will say she is fine, and for you to return and let Kelly know. Go back the way you came and go see Kelly for a reward. Once Kelly has another chat with you, return to Clara again. Clara wishes to dispose of the Swamp King 
SK  and wants you to defeat him for her.
Take the other path that leads out of the outpost and take the first right available to you, trying to stick to the solid ground. At the end of the path you will find an old ruined house, a book will tell you what you must do to kill the Swamp King. You will need to find three swamp circles, wait till midnight at each one, and then defeat a Beastling within the circle.
To find the first swamp circle, go back to the very first path from Aston you took to meet Clara. Past the first break in the path there are a line of tentacles that attack you as you walk past. Standing in the middle of them, head towards the top Left corner of your screen. Follow the dead trees to keep you from dropping deep enough to drown. You will know the circle when you see it. (187,157) Be there at midnight Astonia time and kill the Beastling that appears within it. It will cause your weapon to glow and become a holy weapon +12. Go back to Clara to prove you now know what must be done to kill the king (be sure to have the weapon equipped when you talk to her).
Next you will need to find the other two circles. These are much more difficult to find. From the entrance to the swamps, take the path leading northwest instead, going past Ruby at 190,232, (She wants a Swamp Beast Head) You will reach another ruined building. Going through this building you will find an rear exit which places you directly in the swamp. Make sure you follow the trail of dead trees to find a safe route to the circles. The remaining two circles can be found in this area. One is located at around coordinates 147,87 and the other at 40, 155. Wait until midnight at each and defeat these Beastlings too. When you have done all three swamp circles you should have a weapon that is +36 Holy. Powerful enough to defeat the Swamp King. Return to Clara (be sure to have the weapon equipped when you talk to her). and then take the northern exit from the outpost. This time follow the path as far left as you can. You will know you are heading in the right direction when you see the path breaking up and white swamp beasts attack you. Kill the Swamp King, (Lvl34) take his head, and go back to Clara for a reward.

CJ Spawners exist in swamps.

One is at 31,218 below the Circle at 40,155  (Lvl 40 max)  and trees leading to it are shown, be prepared to take a little damage from deep water getting to it. 

The other spawner at 47,48 ( Lvl 34 max) is shown on the map but the exact route to it is not yet known.


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