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The Enigma that is Ruby

The Enigma that is Ruby


In your travels around Astonia you will encounter that well known lady Ruby on a number of occasions.  She has a house in Aston next to Kelly and if you go there you will be shown the door in a rather abrupt fashion.  However if you have met Ruby previously in your travels, been extra polite to her, and done the favors she requested; then after doing at least two she will offer you a weapon. The weapon offered will be the one of your highest weapon skill , with 2 magical enhancements.  These enhancements can be up to +20  depending on your level and the number of favors you have done before you seek your reward.  After accepting a weapon, the favors are reset and you can  do them again to claim another weapon when your stats are higher.    The first Ruby weapon after 2 favors will have +3 stats, you need to be level 5 to use it, 3 favors, +4 stats you will need to be lvl 10 to use it.      You will always be able to use the Weapon that Ruby gives you, which may limit the stats according to your level, max +9 pre Arch

If by chance you annoy Ruby and she refuses to talk to you, She really holds a grudge and that favor is closed to you, your only recourse is to take a weapon, She then forgets all about you resetting the Favors.  If the problem occurs on your first or second favor you will have to locate and do other favor/s (to get two) to be able to accept a weapon.


Quoted from Ishtar on MB

"Ruby is a patient lady, and she does not mind (enough to change the reward) if you give the 2nd best answer. She will get angry if you insult her, though, but she's quite good at making that understood right away.
Order does not matter at all.
The bonus is limited to what you can wear, no matter how many quests you do.
Different quests give a different amount of points. You can get something like 300 points total, but these are divided down to give a result in the +1 ... +20 range, so rounding may yield confusing results."


Where to find Ruby The Favor requested
Zomb 3   in shrine room 94, 111

She needs a Gold Skull 

 (just the hardest one to get, that's Ruby for you)

Mines  Lvl 10,  190,250 Her Torch is running out, she needs another Torch
Swamp Follow 1st left turn 190,232 Give her a Swamp Beast Head, any one will do. Be careful here it's easy to click the wrong answer. (See Below)
Earth U near Zelina Tele 55,8 Orange Crystal,  Kill demon to West of Ruby for Crystal.
Forest near Skel Ruin 140.220 Buy an extra spade when you are at William's Outpost, Ruby forgot her Spade, she's the forgetful type (unless you insult her).
Fire U Station 20 219,112 This time it's a Big Red Crystal you can get it North of Station 18
Sewers 13,14,15,16,junction 69,192 Shrooms, She asks for G, then H, then I,  get them all before you go back.  (or Buy them before you go in)
Exkordon near Skellie Lair 95,49 Tell her that the Governor likes Strawberry Pie
Ice U Lvl 52 140,47 She's cold give her a Fire Scroll , you can get one at the fire pit by Teleport 8
Ice Palace   She wants one of Islena's Rings, doesn't ask for much does she?
Ruby Tip:  When in Swamps let Ruby's answer scroll off the chat window, then Page Up to see it.  You can then click on your answer choice without any danger of it moving as you click which can lead to unfortunate results.

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