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Rodney's Warped World


Rodney's Warped World

A work very much in progress... check back for more info

Shown so far are the Green and Orange areas.  The bitmap is 255x255 with 0.0. (North) in upper left corner .This is rotated 45� in game making N top center of screen

Keys are available from the attendant in the entrance... purchased with stones ( see table below )Always take extra keys and a recall scroll  You use up a key every time you pass through a Green Door There are a number of Orb Stands in each level which you have to touch. Each mission will take you deeper into RWW and the enemies get progressively harder Leave the Orb Stand in area West of entrance to use for collecting reward When you reach the number required for your mission the last Orb Stand requires activation with a half Sphere to get your reward, (see table below). Be sure to finish each mission in area with half sphere for reward you want, get half sphere, lag out and use on orb stand you kept in reserve W of Entrance .  When you enter the one way door you meet an enemy you have to defeat, on winning you are teleported out through the opposite door to the one you came in.   Remember an orb stand entered by way of a green door will need 2 keys, in and out. 

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Stones = Keys   Half Sphere = Reward
Earth 1   Blue Gold
Fire 2   Orange A Save
Ice 3   Red Military Exp
Hell 4   White Lollipop
Always get extra Keys   Green Experience


Use Sphere Color >> Orange Red Blue White
From   To Go To
Green Area   Orange Red 1 Red 3 Red 4
Orange Area Red 5 Red 2 Red 6 Red 7
Red Area Blue 2 Blue 2 Blue 1 White 1
Blue Area White 8 White 9 White 7 White 2
White Area White 5/6 White 5/6 White 3/4 White 3/4

In RWW using an appropriate color sphere with the tall teleport cylinders will transport you to the area shown.  Put sphere on cursor and shift click on cylinder

When you teleport with tall cylinder in RWW you loose all half spheres in inventory. If you lag or recall out you keep them. Be sure to finish each mission in area where you can get a half sphere of color needed  for the reward you want (leave an orb stand in green area W of  RWW entrance unused)


The Table below shows missions, orbs needed and standard monster level... it will be extended as I get the info


Mission Lvl Pts Needed Monster Level
1 10 33
2 11 37
3 12 41
4 13 45
5 15 49
6 16 53
7 17 57
8 18 61
9 20 65
10 21 69
11 22 73
12 23 76
13 25 81
14 26 84
15 27 89
16 28 93
17 30 97
18 31 99
19 32 101

In certain areas there are other monsters who's levels are shown below along with the min # of keys needed to complete the area, assuming you make no mistakes... always take extras

Area OrbStands Min # Keys Needed Monster Level other than mission level monsters
Green 7 8 None
Orange 7 7 None
Red1 2 2 None
Red2 0 1 None
Red3 1 1 None
Red4 0   None
Red5 2 1 None
Red6 1 4 None
Red7 1 1 None
Blue1 0 6 for Sphere & Teleporter 70
Blue2 7 0 70
White1 0 5 for Sphere & Teleporter 97
White2 1 3 97
White3/4 3 StatOrbs 6 for Sphere & Teleporter 97
White5/6 1 6 97
White7 1 0 97
White8 1 7 97
White9 1 40 97
Temporary maps, with thanks and apologies to authors, until I can decide just how to best represent the layout information on a map in an easy to follow format.  My map above is not good enough. and I am considering alternatives... suggestions  and contributions welcome

The 3 Stat Orbs in white area are lvl 80

Fogleg & Praeto, if you object to my use of your maps let me know and I will remove them



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