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Quest List

Quest List

Try Pressing F9 in game to see your questlog

The Level Info here is for V3.0 (Hel), expect V3.5 (Urd) to be tougher.

The Quests / Training Areas listed here are given in the approximate order in which they should be done. Some variation in order is possible and levels given are average.

Underlined Quest name is Link to page with map and detailed info

Certain Quests are now repeatable  use F9 to see which.  Each repeat gives less experience but can help a lot at low levels

Quest Level Notes
Lydia's Stolen Potion 1 Get potion from thieves house West of Blue Sq
Gwendolyn Skull 1 2 Skellie 1 : Ruin just East of Blue Sq
Gwendolyn Skull 2 3 Skellie 2 : Skell with key appears at 20:00 behind tavern
Gwendolyn Skull 3 5 Skellie 3  In back room of Yoakins house
Skellie 4(Training Only) 5 Skellie 4 down hole around side of Yoakins house
Nooks Hat 6 Robbers Hideout East of Teleport  (Touch Teleport)
Gwendolyn Skull 4 7 Skellie 5 Hidden Entrance in Gwendolyn's tower
Mad Mages (Guiwynn) 8 Get Key in Tavern, Potion and recipe needed (Imm 10)
Mad Knights (Logain) 9 Get Key in Tavern, Get Note for Logain
Reskins Guests 10 Kill the Thieves Guild Master
Mama Bear 10

Kill Mama Bear Go on to Aston, talk to Seymour, Use Aston Teleport to return to Cameron (See Aston Map)

A Mage can do this at very low level with correct technique

Loisans House Cameron 11 Get Key in Tavern, Zombies 1 & 2 for Plain Skull
Loisans House Aston 11 For Silver Skull & Note from Loisans Body
Long Tunnels 10 and UP Training Area, Better be sure your HP are up to it MS does not work
Jobbington 10 and UP Mil Exp, Gold and special Items
Pents 10 and UP Train here to level between Quests & do Gov Missions
Mines 10 - 80 Get your GU & SU Here, Do Gov Missions here for Exp
Sewers 13 - 35  Min Level 13 to get a sewer item, Lvl 9-39 Ratlings
Kelly 1 Creepers 15 Entrance by dead trees in large park (+4 Imm Belt here)
Smugglers 15 Opposite University, See Guard Commander there
Earth Underground 15-30 Lvl 15 to get AK in EU, several sections with teleports
Kelly 2 Underground Park 18 Hole in forest just outside Aston near Seymour
Moonies 20 Hole in telecope garden See astronomer to get quest
Zombie 3 18-20 Below Z1 Cameron Entr, (Tri Stat Cape in Showdown)
Vamps 1 21 Crypt in Cemetery N of Aston main Sq ( MinLvl 19 to get)
Vamps 2 24 Crypt in Cemetery N of Aston main Sq
Kelly 3 Swamps 24-32 East of Aston, (Min Lvl 22 to get)
Exkordon Forest 30-35 Several quests past swamp leading to Exkordon
Exkordon 35 and UP Several Quests, A dangerous Area for lower levels
Bone Tower   Orbs, Stat bonuses and Experience (Up to 2 levels)
Nomad Plains   Harpies have a wicked Warcry High Imm needed
Ice Army Caves   Training Area
Brannington Forest   You must be an Arch to use door from Exkordon
Brannington   You must Be Arch



Mines 90 thru 120,



PK Arena's, RatKill Quest  Demon Skin Gear needed to enter


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