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The Nomad Plains

The Nomad Plains

Don't come here unless your Immunity is 220+


Nomad Plains:

Enter from NW of Bone Tower in Exkordon arriving at S corner of Nomad Plain where you meet Kalanur 229,236 of the Vana Kiru tribe who will tell you the ways of the Nomads. The Nomad Tribes here do not have any use for money,  They trade in salt and wolf pelts. Tribe membership is required for trading and gambling (his max bet is 200 salt), and costs 100 salt He will trade with you without tribe membership for wolf pelts until you have enough salt to buy tribe membership from him.

A brown lvl 62 wolf pelt is worth 5 salt,  a white lvl 62 wolf pelt is worth 20 salt

Go NE for a wolf hunt

Go NW to his tribe

When you go NW you will encounter a Harpie, with a really wicked warcry.

Just before you reach the foot of the mountains you will find a Blue Sq and a Teleport  J

Once you get into the mountains at top of map you will find many harpies who can warcry 2-3 times.  

Vana Kiru Tribe:

134,227  Irakar  Sells Dice (you need a set to gamble) , Cheap 200, Mediocre 500, Good 1200, oz of salt a set ( His max bet is ? salt)

( save your salt and get dice set from Bro Sarkilar, they are very lucky dice)

48,142 Karim plays the dice game (his max bet is 500 salt)

52,128 Lorkam sells Kir statue for 10,000 oz Salt (His max bet is ? salt)

(A lot of wolf pelts to get that!!!, you'd better gamble or salt mine)

Hermit Hut:

17,197 Mad Hermit with flower garden  6 of each A,B,C,D



Monastery of Kir Laka:

223,13 Kir Laas  Missing Brother Sarkilar & missing monks quest. (Cave entrance at 83,74)


204,11 Kir Garan  Teaches Life in exchange for a gold statue of Kir, buy one from Lorkam.

First time gets exp, repeats remove negs only


187,15  Kir Gatama  Salt mine quest


189,8  Bag of Salt in storeroom (reward after mining salt and returning to monastery)

Salt Mines:

You will be assigned 3 monks to help you mine, each monk can carry one bag of salt, they understand a few simple commands:

Wait:      Makes them wait for a short time

Come:     They will follow you

Salt:       They will nod to indicate they have salt

Lead monks to ladders in salt mine (there are 12), but also protect them from golems , shift click the ladders to Use them, a monk will descend and return with a bag of salt.  Each ladder may be used only once per 12 Astonian days. Once all your monks have salt return to the monastery and they will deposit it in storeroom.  See Kir Gatama and you may take your reward from storeroom.  (1000 salt per bag mined)


Missing Monks Quest:

Cave Entrance at 83,74 teleports you to building entrance on central plain with evil monk (Lvl 73) with FB and a nasty Freeze.  Do not attempt this without a FB reflect ring.

Make your way to Brother Sarkilar and kill him, get key and dice from corpse.  Then go to chest and get letter and return to monastery and give letter to Kir Laas.

It is easier to recall out of the chest room than to fight your way out.

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