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The Mines

You will note that the Mines are not True Mazes, following one wall will not cover all locations, you must work from a map to be successful.
Note the Brannington entrance is Arch use only

All GU rooms have been mapped, yellow dot is GU Chest. Key location is indicated. The Green lines represent the possible areas where the Shop door can appear. Although expensive it is worth checking for the one of a kind items you can find there.  For those in Lvl X the shop always has a Torch available. The Yellow lines represent the areas that the Gold Room door can appear.  Coordinates are given, Horizontal, Vertical as they appear when you Right Click on the ground in Astonia. The darker gray area at the rear of the mines are where you will encounter Gold Golems, they are somewhat tougher than their silver equivalents.  Gold Golem area is where you will find gold as you dig as well as silver. Do be careful in that rear section.  A Recall Scroll is strongly recommended when mining as digging out to the entrance can be long and tedious. Lagging out however is safe in mines as Golems do not respawn except in the main corridor.


The little Ruby Red Dot at 190,250 in mines 10 is of course Ruby. Please bring her a Torch she will be most appreciative

Master Miner.....  this profession allows you to mine with less endurance used, and also increases the amount you find each time.  It does not increase the frequency of finding.

Lower Mines <<<click for that page>>>

Between lvl 60 and 70 mines there is an entrance to a lower level of mine.

There you can get the mine Robber quest.

If you find a Lucky Miner Pickaxe keep it in inventory, it has 24 uses and increases your chance of finding special items in mines.

Additional Info:-

Each level of GU room can be accessed by your character only once per Real Time Year

In New World your char must be of level = or >  Mine Level to use GU Room
The GU room and Shop doors move at random, at least once per 24 hours Real Time and as little as 20 min after being found.
If the roof collapses outside a shop or GU Room, blocking the door, when you try to exit you will reappear in the corridor by that level entrance. This of course always happens if the door moves while you are inside, which  can happen. D.A.M.H.I.K.T.
The qualifications for door placement are :-
1) The wall must be 2 bricks thick
2) The wall must be at least 3 bricks long
3) The wall must be hidden for the door to move to it

4) The door does not have to be hidden for it to move. ( I have watched it vanish )

For further information watch for me online... MartinIronwill.  Master Miner

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