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Jobbington rewards are different in  New World (Urd) V3.5

Just past smugglers is a door leading to Jobbington. There you will meet Mr Jones (and his clones) who have jobs of varying difficulty for you. Each completed job results in Brownie Points  in Mr Jones's book. These can be accumulated, and asking Mr Jones for an offer will result in a choice of rewards.

Jobbington Employment Agency Offices


  ■  Mr Jones  (and his clones)

    Blue Square

    To Aston


Words Mr Jones Understands


New Job :  Gets you an offer of 3 jobs

Increase : Raises the difficulty of your Next Job Offer

Decrease : Lowers the difficulty of your Next Job Offer

Offer : Shows what you can get for your Brownie Points

Special Offer : Shows current special offer reward

Fail : Fails your current job...  it is your only option if you recall, lag or Teleport out of a job or die in a job.

The various OW rewards for Brownie Points are shown in the table below

As more information becomes available it will be added. Points subject to change!

Brownie Points Required Gold Military Experience Equivalent To Pots Rings
10 (GOLD1) 50      
100 (GOLD2) 500

(MEXP1) = 2 Privates

125     (CBPOT) Huge Combo Pot  
500     (CTPOT) Custom Pot


468       CRROS, LNROS
1,000 (GOLD3) 5K (MEXP2)  = Lance Corporal    
10,000 (GOLD4) 50K (MEXP3) =  Staff Sergent    
RINGS ( All are +1 when not activated and are bound to character)
Code Name Lvl + Dur h:m Req Stats Points
LNROS Leonid's Ring of Skirmish  17 8 0:05   Attack, Parry, Tactics, Immunity, WarCry 468
CRROS Carisah's Ring of Skirmish  17 8 0:05   MShield, Lightning, Fire, Immunity, Pulse 468
AZROS Ring of Skirmish             
WCROS Ring of Skirmish             
LNROB Leonid's Ring of Battle            
CRROB Carisah's Ring of Battle            
AZROB Ring of Battle            
WCROB Ring of Battle            


Each Mr Jones has a different special offer

An offer is good for at least 5 min unless bought by another player. If not bought after 5 min offer will change at random time

Name Lvl + Req Stats Points
Sword of Extremely Weak Sorcery 2 1 Sword 1 Mana, Duration (Weapon +14) 500
Sword of Extremely Weak Wounded 2 1 Sword 1 Heal, Regenerate (Weapon +14) 500
Armor of Extremely Weak Vision 2 1 Armor Sk 1 Perception, Intuition ( Armor +7) 500
Dagger of Extremely Weak Magical Offense 2 1 Dagger 20 Lightning, Fire, Pulse (Weapon +31) 500
Gloves of Extremely Weak Warrior 2 1   Attack Parry Immunity 500
Bracelet of Extremely Weak Tactical Defense 2 1   Parry, Tactics 500
Staff of Extremely Weak Eccentric 2 1 Staff 30 Body Control, Bless, Speed (Weapon +42) 500
Staff of Weak Eccentric 5 3 Staff 40 Body Control, Bless, Speed 500
Amulet of Somewhat Strong Tactical Offense 20 7   Attack, Tactics 4000
Bracelet of Fairly Strong Berserk 23 8 Attack, Rage 4000
Boots of Somewhat Powerful Wounded 36 12   Heal, Regenerate 4000
Staff of Fairly Powerful Sorcery 40A 13 Staff 90 Mana, Duration ( Weapon +102) 10000
Bracelet of very powerful Magical offense 46A 15   Lightning, Fire, Pulse 6000


When available telling Mr Jones to "show CTPOT" allows you to create a custom Potion. (60 min)

First you are asked to chose  a 1,2, or 3 SKILL pot.... note the word SKILL, ATTRIBUTES are excluded (Wis Int Agil Str)

Then you are required to type in the skills you want one at a time eg "Dagger skill" or "Fire Skill"

A single skill potion will be +50, a two skill +30, three skill +20,   Potions will not take you past max.


Always check corpses for keys before going thru that door the baddie opened.  It's awkward if you get to the other side and find that the corpse on the opposite side of the now closed and locked door has the key.

If you pick hide and seek be sure to take along a supply of torches.

There are green gems on the floor that will teleport you out of the job (like those in Spawners)

Once you leave a job you cannot return to it and must fail it to get another.

Occasionally the boss of a level will have a special item on him as an extra reward.

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