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Ice Underground 2

Ice Underground 2 -The Palace

You enter from Ice Underground 1 at the green arrow on the bottom Right of map.

The fire pits here do not give scrolls.  Next to the first fire pit you find a Fiery Death (Contact Mine).... by the way, do not be standing near one when it explodes. D.A.M.H.I.K.T.

When you enter the area you will see a floating Ice Eye patrolling, if you are seen the alarm will be given and lvl 72 Ice Demons will rush out of guardhouse and attack.  Kill the Ice Eye in stealth mode as it approaches with LB or FB before it gives the alarm.

Just past teleport 5 in the small maze there are two books of AK bringing your total to 62

The last book of AK bringing your total to 63 is at 205,114 in hidden area just past the maze behind the Guard Shack, look for the fake wall.

The larger Purple crosses are Ice Golems who each have a key part (there are 6 total)

Once you have all the Key parts you enter the Palace and face the Ice Lords.... more after I don't die here

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