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Ice Army Caves

Ice Army Caves

Under Development... Check back often for Updates

In Ice Army Caves no killing is involved on your part and you cannot die there.

To Command in the Ice Army requires a Minimum Rank of 1st Sergeant  (and min Lvl 40 in New World)


Lets you see available missions #'s

/enter (#)

To start a mission (If there is a Queue you must wait your turn)

/list Shows how much Platinum is in each depot (trapdoor) and storage (Chest)
/info shows your understanding of Castle Magic... example below
# Name Value Exp Cost Increment
1 Base  Income 0 25 1
2 Max Level 60 4 2
3 Max Worker 4 10 1
4 Training Speed 1 4 1
5 Warcry Bonus 0 4 5
6 Endurance 0 4 5
7 Speed Bonus 0 6 5
- Extra Guards 0 - -
8 Guard Level 50 3 1
- Missions 1 - -
- Victories 0 - -
- Experience 0 - -

/raise (#)

Researches an Info topic #, uses experience cost, raises by increment

/jp (#)

Jump to a location 

(Each depot (trapdoor) and storage (Chest) has a number shown in /list)


Ends a mission

/take Takes control of a depot so you can jump to it or place EGuards there



A worker command said alone causes all workers to perform it. 

With a worker number appended , only that worker will perform the action. 

Worker names change to reflect that action they are currently performing.


Makes Worker/s Guard a depot / storage


Makes Worker/s follow you


Makes Worker/s mine, you must be facing the mine when you say it. 

They will take the platinum to the nearest depot


Makes Worker/s move Platinum to next depot or storage.

You must be standing by depot and facing destination.  


Trains Worker/s raising their level and strength... requires platinum


Makes Worker/s fight an enemy


Create Workers:

(Click on skeleton next to storage chest, uses Platinum)

Lead your Workers to the Mine

(Say follow and walk to mine)

Mine the Platinum

(Say mine while looking at mine)

Move Platinum from Depot to your Storage

Say Transfer standing by Depot looking towards Storage

(or next Depot as you may need to transfer through a chain of Depots to get to your Storage)

Train your workers (Uses Platinum)

Defeat workers of your opponent

Strategy & Tips
Once you beat the first level, *remember to do each level 3 times * your strategy will change because you will have warcry.

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