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Fire Underground

Fire Underground


■  Entrance    Fire Golem  ■  Books (5)  ■  CJ Spawner   ■  Guards   

■  Commander    Demon Spawner   ■  Fake Wall      ■  Lava

You will be recharging defense Stations with Small Red Crystals from the Crystal Spawn Room by the entrance and Large Red Crystals found within the complex..

These defense stations kill the Fire Demons ( Lvl 33-48) that spawn throughout the complex, you will need to reactivate at least 29 out of the 35 stations.

In the process you will meet Ruby (219,112) at Station 20, who wants a large Red Crystal

( Get it N of Station 18 ).

There are 5 books of Ancient Knowledge to be discovered, 

There are Fire Golems to be killed and their blood collected in special containers ( found NE of Station 12 ).

The Blood is used to solidify the Lava so you can walk on it. Red Numbers indicate how many units [1-5] of Fire Golem Blood you need


There are also 4 CJ Spawners here

The commander informs you that soldiers are available to assist you.

Use TAKE to recruit them, DROP to return them and get exp.

They obey a limited set of commands :-

Follow,     Makes them follow you.

Front,       They walk in front of you.

Retreat,     Follow you more closely.

Back,        Makes them move 1 step back

Behind      Attack enemy from behind, (The Fire Golem Killer)


(1-3)  The first 3 missions given to you are to recharge Defense Stations 1, then 3 then 2. 

(4)    You are then asked to recharge stations 4 & 5. 

(5)    The commander then tells you about the Fire Golems  and that one is located NW of station 3, ( In station 9 ).  He also informs you that they are best killed by an attack from behind.  You can either freeze them and do it yourself or have one of your  soldiers do it.

(6)    The commander then tells you about a room full of containers,  he wants you to get one and find out what it does.

(7)    Now that you know it can contain Fire Golem Blood Find out what the blood is used for.

(8)    Now that you know Blood solidifies Lava, cross lava and activate Station 6 ( use path between 11 & 12 for only 1 unit golem blood.)

(9)    Find as many Stations as you can and activate them. (6 done, 29 left)  only 27of 29 are needed to finish mission.

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