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Frequently Asked Questions

F. A. Q.

What is a Ruby Weapon

Where Is Ruby

What is Silvering / Gilding and how do I do it

Can I use this + ## Item

Who is Ishtar

Which Way is North

Who are the Gods

How do I Solve Pents

Character Shortcuts for MOAC and Windowed Mode

When can I sell Reskin this Stone

WELDS How do they work?

Why wont you Help Me?

What are the Military Ranks?

How do I Transfer Equipment Safely?


What happens when I /Complain someone

What are Clubs

What does a Lollypop do?

How much Bless do I need

What About LAG

Astonian Math ( No NOT Macro Daemon )

To Silver or Gild an Item.  (OW ONLY)     Take the highest stat on the item, add one and multiply by 100.  That's the amount you need.  Items must be Silvered in order to be Gilded.  All stats on item are raised by +1 by Silvering, and again +1 by Gilding.  You Silver/Gild an item by USING THE ITEM ON THE PILE OF SU or GU. Be aware that raising stats on a item may make it unusable by you...  see Can I use this + ## Item

Mining for SU/GU  You get silver units and gold units from the Mines north of Aston or in Grimroot. (Or buy them from other players)  There are mine levels from 10 to 120 with each level having  guardian silver golems of that level. These Golems are hard to kill.  The gold golems in the last 1/4 of each mine level are tougher still.  You will need a Map to be successful in finding GU rooms, go HERE to get one for 10-80, HERE for 90-120.  Each GU chest can be plundered only once per real time year. The chests reset if you Seyan.   Being a Master Miner increases the amount of SU or GU you find on each occasion (miners are more skilled at refining the ore) It does not change your chances of finding SU or GU. You dig by Shift  L Click on a pile of rocks.  Beware! you will uncover Golems as you dig.  You may safely lag out deep in mines as only corridor golems respawn  Do not die in mines as it can often take more than 30 min to dig to and find the body.

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Ruby Weapons are special, they have two magical enhancements which can go up to +20.  You get them by doing Favors for Ruby when you meet her while out exploring. You must do at least 2 Favors (there are 10) then you can claim a weapon from Ruby at her house in Aston (Next to Kelly).  Once a weapon is claimed the Favors reset and you can do them again.  The weapon will always be useable by you which may limit the stats on it according to your current level.  When you level up, go do the favors again and claim a better weapon. 

Go to Ruby Page

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Who is Ishtar   ISHTARDaniel Brockhaus alias Ishtar was born in 1973 in Bremen / Germany. He moved around quite a bit and eventually found a home in Fischerhude, a small village close to Bremen. Somehow he managed to finish school with the Abitur and began studying computer science at the University of Bremen. This turned out to be a bad choice. After leaving University, he worked for several years for a local Internet Provider. Then he got hired by the tallyman.de AG as Manager of Information Technology. After a year, tallyman was sold to START Ticket, and he was working there for half a year.

Now he's spending his time as Intent Software's Creative Director and Programmer and his experience with MMORPGs (which dates back to 1996) forms the basis of the company. Markus Roeder and his brother Lothar are responsible for almost all graphics in the game. Intent Software was founded in 2001, by Daniel Brockhaus (Ishtar), Markus Roeder (Ankh),  Alexander von der Geest (Goitia),  Patrick Kollmann (Coloman) and a small group of investors.

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Can I use this + ## item     

Be aware that the maximum + stat on an item determines who can use it.  I've silvered a 3 stat item and found to my regret that at +10 on one of the stats even though I was lvl 30, I had to Arch before I could use it again.

+ Level   + Level   + Level   + Level   + Level
1 2   5 15   9 26   13 40 Arch   17 53 Arch
2 3   6 17   10 30 Arch   14 43 Arch   18 56 Arch
3 5   7 20   11 33 Arch   15 46 Arch   19 60 Arch
4 10   8 23   12 36 Arch   16 50 Arch   20 63 Arch
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Which Way is NORTH .... and other Map matters

By convention and according to Ishtar  NORTH is always the TOP CENTER of your screen

Because the maps are rotated 45į in game this makes one corner of the map as shown on website North and the N/S axis is always the diagonal of the tile square displayed when you look at the ground in game no matter where you are in Astonia. The small cross that is your game cursor is also compass directions.

I will indicate which corner of a Map is N ( usually the 0,0 coord )  Most maps are a 256 x 256 grid, although some small areas are grouped on one grid.  Coordinate references will be given when the actual Pixel Coords are not the same as the Aston Coords. 

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Who are the Gods  and who is Macro Demon

ISHTAR is God & Creator  COLOMAN, GOITIA, ANKH, ZOETJE  are also Gods ( Goitia and Ankh are rarely seen in game, the others you all know )

All of the other players that you see with NAMES IN ALL CAPS are Staffers... who labor long and hard to keep the game running smoothly enforce the rules and Punish the Transgressors.

A NPC of note is Macro Demon  This math challenged NPC is actually a small program that runs in the background ( A Daemon in Unix Terminology) which randomly asks players a simple math question with a time limit of 5 min to answer.  If you say nothing, by the time 5 min are up you will have been logged off if you are lagging out and are thus safe, if you are using a macro you will still be there and will be punished. However if you answer incorrectly 30 sec is taken from time, this repeats until time runs out and  Macro will punish you with Negative Exp and Karma. This is to detect and punish those people trying to gain game exp with a Macro Program  which cannot answer the question correctly.  If you answer correctly Macro goes away and very very occasionally will reward you with experience.

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How do I Solve Pents and other Pent Matters

By touching them...   Actually the process is a semi random one.  When Pents reset after a solve a random number is generated.  As each pent is touched it becomes "Active" and the count of active pents is displayed in a chat window message for the player who touched it.  When that count equals the random number then Pents Solve, bonuses are awarded and the player touching the last pent gets extra experience.  The process then repeats. The random number can be more than the total # of pents in the area ( It varies according to how many players are penting the area) In that case when all pents have been touched they reset without a solve and the count goes on.

Each time Pents solves the training power of the demons is increased, each time a demon lord is killed the training power decreases. Demon strength is based first on level and then modified by training power.

Training power does not change the Exp gained for a kill.

Touching 5 pents of the same color in a row gives a combo bonus on the sixth pent touched.

Pent colors only change after someone gets 5 in a row

A Lucky pent is just Lucky... gives you extra exp.


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Character Shortcuts

Have you ever wanted to change characters quickly, here's how to make icons for your Alts on your desktop.


1) Make a copy of your desktop shortcut for Astonia3 &  rename the shortcut to your character name.

2) Right click on the shortcut and choose properties. Look at the line thatís says TARGET it should look something like this example enclosed in quotes, yours may be slightly different :-

"C:\Program Files\Astonia 3\moac.exe"

Do not change your Target line inside the quotes but add  -x -b -u NxxxxxN -p PxxxxxP to it outside of the quotes Where NxxxxxN is your character name and PxxxxxP is your account password, our example skipping the loading sequence and using the secondary connection would look like this,:-

"C:\Program Files\Astonia 3\moac.exe" -x -b -u NxxxxxN -p PxxxxxP


 Switches Available and their Function.     *  =  required

     - u <Character Name>        *    Name of Alt you wish to play   

     - p <Password>             *    Your Password (See warning above)

     - x                           This skips the loading sequence

     - b                           Use first backup connection 

     - c                           Use second backup connection

     ( if -b and -c are omitted default primary connection is used)

     -w                                   Windowed Mode 



Change your screen size to 1024 x 768 and your colors to 16 bit.... you should now be able to successfully use the -w switch depending on your video card. Some video cards simply do not work


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When can I sell Reskin this Stone.

To sell Reskin a Stone  you need to be of  high enough level. If you are not Reskin will say that he cannot pay you right now.

EStone.......Lvl 10...........375g             Amounts are vastly reduced in Urd (V3.5)

FStone.......Lvl 30...........750g

IStone........Lvl 60..........1250g

HStone.......Lvl 80...........1750g


Flowers, berries &  shrooms have level requirements too (see potions page). So if Reskin tells you he cannot pay right now, he's not broke, he's being polite, and letting you know you need to be a higher level to sell that item. Reskin will only buy one of each item from you.

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How do Welds Work?                .....YOU MUST BE P2P TO WELD.

You weld equipment at a welding shrine in the Random Dungeons, and you have 9 welds per character, they are in RD's 18, 27, 32, 46, 52, 62, 72, 81, 98

A weld shrine when you touch it will randomly take 1 stat from a  piece of equipment you are wearing and move it to another  piece of equipment you are wearing.

To avoid letting the random move go to the wrong piece of equipment, only be wearing the two items you wish to weld when you touch the shrine. Items in inventory are safe. Remembering that like will not weld to like you can force the direction of a weld using Orbs, See examples below.

ForceWeld Example 1:  (1 stat controlling direction)

If you have a creepers Imm Belt and a LF Ring and you wish to force the weld to go to the Ring you would place a LF orb on the belt.  That LF orb on the belt prevents the LF stat from the ring moving to the belt so the Imm has to move to ring. You may have to touch shrine more than once to get this to work.

ForceWeld Example 2:  (1 stat onto a 2 stat item)

For a two stat item you would need 2 orbs to force the weld . E.G.    Ring LF & Imm,  &   Cape MS,   Put LF & Imm orbs on cape, this forces MS to go to ring  You might have to click several times to get a force weld to work as the shrine may still try to do the blocked welds and fail.

ForceWeld Example 3: ( 2 stat onto a 1 stat item, requires 2 welds)

Ring LF & Imm,  &   Cape MS,

Weld 1:    Put MS orb on Ring and weld  Either LF OR IMM will move to cape.

Weld 2:    Re orb Ring with whichever stat moved to cape on the first weld, Reweld forcing 3rd stat to cape.

Try always to weld UE equipment of at least +8 (If you are making +3 triple stats for a lvl 5 skellie spawn alt  it's better to use orbs and Silver/Gild for that and keep the weld)  Remember you can only weld what you can wear, the weld shrine does not care how high the stats are on an item.

"You can always use weld shrines below your current level, but not all above your level (that cap ranges from +5 to +12 IIRC). "per Ishtar quoted from MB

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Why Won't You Help Me?

Because it will HURT you...

Each time a player "Helps" you in a quest by killing monsters, he robs you of some of the experience you should have earned in the quest and prevents you from getting the strike bonus.  Thus as you complete these quests the amount of experience you should have gained falls further and further behind. This makes each successive quest harder and harder to do.  Do yourself a big favor, do the quests without help, when you are strong enough, your character will be much better for it.

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What are the Military Ranks

The levels listed next to the ranks are the approximate range within which you should achieve that rank.  This assumes that you keep your insane demon mission levels = your own level by selectively doing military missions, killing demon lords doing RD's etc.



Level Range




Level Range









Private 1st class




Lieutenant Colonel




Lance Corporal












Brigadier General








Major General




Staff Sergeant




Lieutenant General




Master Sergeant








First Sergeant




Field Marshall




Sergeant Major




Knight of Astonia




2nd Lieutenant




Baron of Astonia




1st Lieutenant




Earl of Astonia








Warlord of Astonia



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How do I Transfer Equipment...   A SECURE METHOD

Leaving it on the ground, or giving to a 3rd person, can both lead to loss of equipment. Someone finds it (It is legal to take it per Ishtar although not ethical)  or the 3rd party scamms you.

There is only 1 person you can absolutely trust in the game and that is Yourself

( If you don't trust yourself see a psychiatrist )

First  create a suicide transfer alt (C) make it so he dies easy and has no saves, no weapon, no armor but something in inventory (a torch) so body stays to be looted

Here's how you do it....  Char A has equip to go to Char B  (Make sure all chars are on same mirror, you have 30 min)

1 Take C to somewhere near a blue sq (touch it) where you can get him killed ...( skellie 3 is OK, RD's are better as body shows up outside when you collapse the RD)  Kill C!

2 When C reappears at blue Sq /allow  char A who has equip to loot body (You can only allow 1 character at a time)(collapse RD if using) and Log Off Char C

3 Log on  char A , go to body C and put equipment on body C, return A to Blue Sq (to avoid log off delay) and log off Char A

4 Log on Char C and /allow Char B so that he can loot body then log off Char C (You do not even leave blue Sq in these steps)

5 Log on Char B, go to body and retrieve equipment... You are done, leave body C to vanish after 30 min is up , and reuse next time.

This procedure is secure as no one but the characters you /allow have access to the body C. It in effect becomes a depot that is available to any char you /allow for 30 min

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What is D.A.M.H.I.K.T.

Don't Ask Me How I Know That

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What happens when I  /Complain

When you /complain <Player name> <reason> your complaint is stored in a logfile along with the LAST 80 LINES OF YOUR CHAT BUFFER. (this is why it's important to complain immediately)

A Staffer cannot see this logfile (Thus a complaint about a Staffer is confidential), The log files are reviewed each morning by one of the Gods (often it's Zoetje.) Action is taken and Karma is awarded as appropriate... and a single /complain may result in Karma to more than one char (including the person making the /complain)  depending on what is seen in the log file of the chat buffer. 

Because a God has seen exactly what was said there is very little chance of appeal.  The identity of the complainer is kept confidential and decisions are made on the actual chat log, not the He said <-> She said accusations that are common afterwards.


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What are Clubs
Any paying player (P2P) can found a Club at the Clubmaster ( Near the University). A Club costs 10,000g per week to maintain. (500g in NW) The first payment is due immediately. If a payment is missed, the Club gets deleted, any funds in club account are lost.
Each Club has a bank account. Any member can deposit money into the Club account and see the balance. Only the founder can withdraw money.

Each club will have a name and a number. This info will be visible in your char description, Inappropriate names are not permitted. There are no colors for clubs. There can be a very large number of clubs.  Because of how character data is stored you cannot be a member of both a club and a clan. You can also only be a member of 1 club.

Clubs may not form alliances, raid, or set relationships with other clubs or clans... a clubs primary function is as a private chat channel for friends.

While the club channel is private and not visible to other players/staff, and you are free to speak in a language other than English, be aware that /complain still works there and if another club member finds your language offensive or insulting they can /complain you and you will be punished as the Gods see fit.

Club members can fight in a spawner but their status there will be the same as an unclanned player and as such their attacks will also hurt ALL club members their own club included. ( I.E.  lifespan as a club member in a spawn will be very brief )

Clubs have three ranks:
Founder (this rank cannot be assigned to other members and the founder cannot be fired)
Leader (can accept new members)
Member (no rights)

Each Club gets his own private chat channel (/c13).

Public chat about Clubs, membership, invitations, etc will be allowed on /c5

Clubmaster commands:   ( be careful of the : at the end of each one)
accept: <name>
join: <name>
rank: <name> <rank>
fire: <name>
deposit: <amount>
withdraw: <amount> (Founder only)

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The Lollypop

A lollypop when licked gives experience. It can be licked 8 times.  The lollypop stick is of no known use

The question of just how much experience was kindly answered by Ishtar...

Each lick gives you 1/750th of a level with a minimum of 5 exp points. 

Thus for a low level char (lvl 10 & lower) a lollypop is worth a minimum of 40 exp points (see experience table)

Above level 10 the 8 licks will give you 8/750 of a level ( 1.066%)


Where do you get lollypops...  well Ishtar might give you one if you see him in game, the Count's daughter in Brannington will reward you with one when you return her stolen jewelry, they are one of the rewards in RWW, and of course you will see them for sale on auction channel.

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How Much Bless do I Really Need

The function of bless is to raise the mods on Wis, Int, Agil, Str. This in turn causes all other stats (including Bless) to raise. The amount added to the 4 Attributes by bless = bless mod / 4 .When you bless someone else your blessed bless mod is used.  When you bless yourself however it is the unblessed bless mod that is used as at that point you are unblessed.

The max each attribute can be raised by bless = half it's base.  So the first step is to see which of

Wis, Int, Agil, Str. has the highest base..... lets say the highest base is 36.... take half that ... =18 this is how many bless bonus points you need,  x4 = 72 which is the bless mod needed to give that amount of bonus

You will note that  reducing the equation gives  Bless Mod Needed = 2x Attribute Base ( Use the highest one)

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Lag is a fact of life on the internet and ALL internet based games suffer from it.  Lag cannot be reduced to zero.

A little background on how the game works will help you understand.  When you click on your screen to initiate some action the client software sends a message to Intents servers saying Char X wants to do this. The servers in turn look at all the commands received and send a message back to the client saying change your display to this.    The changes reflect all the actions of the other players as well as you and the appearance of your screen changes.   The interval from sending to receiving the message is LAG...  the time between clicking on the ground and the red cross appearing and you starting to move.  This time is primarily a function of the quality of the connection between you and Intents servers.  Having a DSL line as your feed may have little effect on it as your DSL speed is only good for the first hop....  you to your ISP.  There may be 10 or even 20-30 hops between you and intent (Typically I get 26) and if any one of them is congested or slow you get increased lag.  When a major event or disaster is occurring lag is always worse as the Internet becomes much busier at those times.


You can attempt to reduce LAG by changing the server connection, or even just logging off the game and back on.

Other much less frequent causes of lag are you running other programs while playing, or one of intents servers becoming overloaded ( by a LQ with too many people in it for instance....  that is why we limit level ranges  to keep the numbers down). The former you can deal with the latter you cannot do anything about



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ASTONIAN MATH 101   all those pesky calculations you wondered about (more will be added as I get them)


Bless Duration (seconds)     =  120s + (dur mod * 3.42). The 3.42 is an approximate figure; it's 3.42 +/- 0.01.
Bless Bonus to 4 Attributes  =  Bless Mod /4  rounded down, capped at 50% of base

Attribute Bonus to Stats     =  (Attr1 Mod + Attr2 Mod + Attr2 Mod) / 5 rounded down


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