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Exkordon Forest

Exkordon Forest

NORTH is the TOP LEFT corner of the map above.  0,0


Note the 2 Clan Jewel Spawners, Lvl 43 & 45 at 175,12 and 9,163


Look  for rocks or standing dead trees marking paths in Forest, there may only be a narrow gap in trees to a side path.


The Imp wants you to kill bears, about 20 of them, and they are not easy. Bears are East of William's Outpost


William wants a Mantis to make Stew.


Ruby wants a Spade to dig for treasure, get two at Williams Outpost so you can dig for it too. You'll find her just next to Skellie Ruin


To kill Spider Queen for the Hermit you need a Holy Weapon  Lvl 42 (You did remember to keep the holy weapon you killed the swamp king with, right?), Stone circle 4  is East of skellie Ruin, Kill wolf at Midnight,  Just south is a ruin with a single skeleton and bonus treasure and dirty note under southernmost stone.


The Dirty Note tells you to use the Spade in the center of the gold table in the Skellie Ruin to get to Bone Crypt Treasure Area... All walls there are not solid, you will need the key for the big chest.

Map of Bone Crypt Treasure Area under gold table

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