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Earth Underground

Earth Underground

The main goal in EU is to collect Ancient Knowledge.

There are 30 books of AK to be found here.

They allow you to use Words of Power, found in the diaries, which give protection against Demon Acid

# Location   # Location   # Location   # Location   # Location
1 236 197   7 124 245   13 20 112   19 9 22   25 205 12
2 135 240   8 47 208   14 54 73   20 3 40   26 192 28
3 241 176   9 80 202   15 39 68   21 79 10   27 192 84
4 241 178   10 53 185   16 21 77   22 107 10   28 222 71
5 106 56 11 53 181 17 8 58 23 143 26 29 222 27
6 142 214   12 38 135   18 42 40   24 163 34   30 221 48

Diary's and Words of Power:











Words of Power

The Words of Power (WP) are different for each player . Daylight destroys the protection so be sure to say the highest word you know each time  you enter EU.

The number after each  is the max amount of AK  the word can use

Set up simple  aliases for your words of power as they are hard to remember and type.

















Map 1




Map 2






















Tribe of Isara  Lvl 15 Demons and Main Cavern Lvl 15 & 17 Demons

In this first section the Teleport proves very useful in changing mirrors for Pents, and gets a lot of traffic. You find your first book of Ancient knowledge( Min lvl 15 required ), and other info, but to proceed further you must turn off the defenses and the room is locked.  You will find the key on a demon (15) in south part of main cavern. While you are down that way get the book of AK (135.240) Unlock door flip switch and move on quickly, it resets after a short while.  When you go to the two books of AK down the long loop on right hand side (241.176 241,178) remember to pick up your first word of power at (131,133) set up the alias, and use it immediately, on the way in,  and take a recall scroll... defenses will have reset by the time you get back  Recall or lag out, return to EU,  reset defenses again and cross into area outside Tribe of  Cerasa. You should have AK = 4 at this point  In the South part of the cavern there are 5 books of AK to get (Lvl 17 demons here) As soon as you get each  one say your words of power to take advantage of your increased AK. You should have 9 AK after completing this area.

Tribe of Cerasa   Lvl 17 Demons

On entering the tribe of Cerasa the first thing to do is go right, and touch the transporter. Then read the diary in first hallway, go SW around corridor and get 2 books of AK and your next Word of Power(10), You should set up the alias and use it immediately  Continue past the Demon Gate... go down the corridor and find and touch the Cerasa Maze  Teleport picking up another AK to bring your total to 12

Cerasa Maze   Lvl 20 Demons

In the maze there are 3 keys needed for the gate to the teleport. Some of the Demons (Darker Purple Dots) drop green crystals, get as many as you can they will protect you from the Defenses firing green FB in the next section.  After finding 3 Keys, (and 3 AK, remember to say Word of Power after each one) go to gate to teleport pick up another AK, (16 total now) and touch Teleport for Cerasa Tunnels Get your Word of Power (15) and use it immediately.

Cerasa Tunnels Lvl 21 Demons

In the Cerasa Tunnels you will need the Green Crystals from the previous section to protect you from the Defenses.  Use Fast mode but plan you moves carefully, pay attention to areas covered by the defenses. 4 AK here bringing total to 20 . At the end just before Zalina Entrance Teleport get your Word of Power (20) use it immediately then touch the Zalina Entrance Teleport in the next room

Zalina Entrance & Ruby (Orange Crystal) Lvl 22 Demons

There is a demon here right outside the teleport exit. If you turn on Stealth you can LB him from the door and you don't get the acid pool or rain.  This Stealth Range attack is useful from here to end of EU.  Move in and go South, Kill Demons in the Cavern Maze, some of them will  drop large yellow crystals, get 1 for Ruby and at least 4 more to use in next section, ( get a few extra)   Go see Ruby, give her a Crystal, then proceed into building.  In here the Crystals activate the closed doors, but they also turn on the defenses.  Remember those sliding word puzzles, well you get to move crates to block the defensive fire. In the first cross corridor there is a door at NE end, Next to it is a Gray Cylinder this is a Teleport, touch it and it takes you, and anyone with you,  to the Crystal Loader for that section.  Drop a Crystal and head back up the corridor, note the defense cannon to your right as you cross the main corridor, go in door at top, get AK and get out. if the crystal runs out while you are in a room you will be locked in and heed to lag or recall out (Did I say always have a recall scroll here?)  Go back to where the Defense Cannon is firing, either wait for it to stop, or if you are feeling quick and lucky run past it (Slow = Dead) Ahead of you is a long corridor with 3 defense stations off to left, maneuver Crates by pushing them (Shift L click from side opposite the direction you want to move it)  Each station requires 3 crates placed in a line as close as possible to the cannon, plan your moves before starting, when they are all in place use teleport to get to loading station, and go back and get book of AK in end room The 3rd Puzzle requires the 2 crates to be right next to the cannon blocking 2 sides, same routine with Teleport & Crystal The last Crate Puzzle requires setting up a U shape to block the cannon, again same routine with Teleport & Crystal walk back and enter last room for AK #4 here bringing total to 24  You get your last  EU Word of Power (25) here also

Tribe of Zalina  Lvl 26 Demons ( Again don't come here without a recall )

There are 6 AK here bringing total to 30 from EU  This section is best done as a group, bring at least 6 Large Orange Crystals. When you open the door from the Teleport  everyone needs to be in Stealth mode and LB or FB that first Demon (Otherwise he will immediately Acid Pool you where you stand) , If you have a strong mage with high immunity have him go straight down corridor and kill Demons as they spawn at the spawner. (If you do not do this as you kill each Demon a new one will spawn and make his way to replace the one you killed, which can be very inconvenient) The rest of the party can then pick off the demons in the corridors at long range avoiding the acid rain and pools ( they are very nasty here) Put the crystals in the loader, Get AK from rooms, repeat crystal load as many times as needed ( 3-4) then everyone can leave via the passage to FU.  You are done 30 AK from EU

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