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/alias  <key phrase> <text>  

<key phrase> will be replaced by text in chat

Used with no parameters displays a list of your aliases

/allow <Player name>

Allows <Player name> to loot your body


Allows others to bless you (Toggle)

/autobless Automatically re bless yourself (Toggle)
/autoturn In melee fighting (3+ opponents) automatically turns your back to weakest enemy (or open space)
/autopulse Fires your pulse spell when appropriate

/channels OR /channel

Lists the Chat Channels

/clan OR /c

Shows list of clans / jewels


-p <name>
-c <number>
-x <priority>

-s <hours>
-e <hours>

Shows clan activity:     Optional Parameters:-

- Show only entries created for player <name>
- Show only entries created clan <number>
- Show only entries of <priority> or lower
- Show only entries <hours> old or newer (start time)
- Show only entries <hours> old or older (end time)


Clears your Hate List (Playerkiller)

/complain <player name> < reason>

Sends a complaint to Gods with last 80 lines of chat buffer attached.


Sorts your Depot

/description <Text> or /desc <Text>

Sets your description text (ctrl R click on char to see it)

/emote or /em

Suppresses the "says" prefix,  works in White Chat only.

/gold <amount>

Places the amount of gold on cursor

/hate <player name>

Adds player to your Hate List (Playerkiller)

/holler <Text>

Text Heard over a vast range (White Chat)

/ignore <Player name>

You won't see their chat messages (Toggle)

Used without parameters shows your ignore list.

/join <channel number>

Joins a chat channel

/lag Invokes artificial Lag routines (Toggle)

/leave <channel number>

Leaves a chat channel


Shows your Hate List  (Playerkiller)

/murmer <Text>

Text heard only at close range (White Chat)

/nohate <Player name>

Removes player from your hate list (Playerkiller)


Turns off your Tells

/showstats<Playername> Sends a private message to another player showing them your stats


Turns on Playerkiller mode ( Be sure to read warnings)


Shows Clan relationships / Treaties

/say <text>

Just like typing

/set <spell#> <Key>

Changes letter key for a spell.

Be careful not to use a letter assigned to another spell

/shout <Text>

Text heard over increased range (White Chat)


Sorts your Inventory


Leads to more commands and shows their status


Only usable by Thief Profession


Switches places with player you are facing

/tell <Player Name> <Text>

Sends private message to another player


Only available for thieves: +1 stealth per PPS in thief


Date, time, Solar and Moon cycle info

/whisper <Text>

Text heard only at close range (White Chat)

accept: <playername>

Invites player into a clan (Recruiters only: Rank 2 +)

join: <recruiter name>

Accepts a recruiters invite to join clan

fire: <playername>

Fires a clan member ( Rank 4 only Say to Clanmaster)


Leave clan ( don't forget the ! ) (Say to Clanmaster)

rankname <#> <name>

Sets name for a clan rank (Rank 4 only Say to Clan Clerk )

rank <playeername> <#>

Set clan members rank. (Say to Clanmaster)

relation <Clan#> <Relation#>

Set clan relationship

  1    Alliance

  2    Peace Treaty

  3    Neutral

  4    War

  5    Feud

website <name>

Sets clan website ( omit http://) (Say to Clan Clerk)



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