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Carlos Dragon Quest

Carlos Dragon Quest

0.0 North

See Vamps Map for entrance to this quest

Be aware that once you use a Teleport here you cannot go back, on completion you must either lag out or recall there is no exit.     Imm 105+ recommended

Dragons in the first section are level 30.   Fourth section is lvl 34/35.  When navigating mazes use stealth mode to cut down on Dragon attacks.  Each section has Dragon with a key you must obtain to proceed.

Numbers show where each teleport takes you

On entering proceed to bottom R small room in section 1 to get your 1st key. Then go up, thru spike trap hallway to 1st lava maze room and use teleport there.  You will appear in hallway in section 2. Go to far end of hallway and thru fake wall . Key is in last small room here thru fake walls, retrace steps and go along bottom corridor thru locked door into spike trap hallway. Do Hall, Maze & Teleport again.

You will appear in a large room in section 3, take door to corridor with fake wall doors and get key from last room on right.  go back to first room on same side and do the Hall, maze, teleport again. You are now in last section, leave room crossing corridor to opposite room, last room here has key.  go back to corridor and take the other door, follow path killing dragons on way to Boss room, Kill boss get Staff, LEAVE the room... he respawns fast, and lag out or recall in corridor. 

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