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Emperor Seyan IV had long ago built a secret fortress up in the mountains, one which only the family of his High Councilor would know of. And in time of peril would bring all civilians into the safety of it. When the demons attacked and ruined the city of Aston and murderer the emperor, the current High Councilor Regnior brought the people into the fortress of Arkhata. No one left behind would know of it. Within the fortress lay a rich landscape and a new city was built behind it. The gate was closed and all contact with the outside world lost.
Finding Arkhata - lvl 45
The Guard right next to teleport in Brannington will speak to you at level 45
Find your way into the city and talk to Rammy, then return to the guard.
Rammy's Crown
Rammy's precious crown has been stolen, find the robbers, fight you're way to the boss, take crown and return it. Rammy will then send you to see Jaz
Ishtar's Bracelet
Jaz lost the bracelet when he was attacked by Knogers, go across the northern bridge and find the Knogers, defeat them and recover the bracelet
The Ceremonial Pot - lvl 48
The Pot Maker will ask you to search the area South of the temple for a magical pot, the Hunter in the forest will direct you furthere, find and return the Pot to the Pot Maker.
The Lost Secrets - lvl 49
On reaching Lvl 49 Thai Pan will speak to you. He will send you to ruins on the shore right north-west of the temple and there you may recover a scroll and a gold statue Return them to Thai Pan for an experience reward (scroll) and removal of negs (statue).
Queen Fiona's ring - lvl 50
On the long bridge to the Fighting Academy stands two guards, they will allow you to pass if you are lvl 50, In the Academy Queen Fiona asks you to recover a ring lost in the vampire lair.
On recovering the ring and returning it you will be allowed to fight Fiona's students, if you win the skill of your choice is raised after paying a fee.
A Shopkeeper's Fright
In the main town again an old man called Ramin will speak to you after having returned Queen Fiona's ring. He will send you to kill skeletons down a hole in back of a shop.  You must kill ALL skeletons before any of them re-spawn (they re-spawn slowly)  On completion Ramin will send you to the Library to see the Monks there.
The Monk's request
You will be asked to recover 3 key parts that have been stolen by monsters who occupy the old building across the bridge and south-west of the Library. give one key part to each monk.
The Book eater
Tracy the librarian will tell you of the book eater. Find the hidden backroom, enter the basement, find your way through the teleport maze and slay the book eater
A Kidnapped Student - lvl 53
At level 53 the Trainer in the fighting academy will speak to you, if you have already completed the quest to return Queen Fiona's ring. One of the students has been kidnapped by the gang who have their guild east of the Academy. Rescue him and return him safely to the Academy
Entrance passes - lvl 54
On completing the Library quests and reaching lvl 54 Ramin will speak to you again sending you to see Rammy who will give you a letter to take to the captain of guards in the fortress. The guard captain will send you to see the judge. The judge will give you letters of agreement  one for Ramin, one for Count Brannington and one for the fortress Captain.  Deliver them, then return to Rammy.
The Traitors
At level 53 (after completing Entrance Passes) the Captain will inform you of the issue of traitors within the guards there. He will send you to the clerk, you have limited time to recover the three missing notes and return them to the clerk
The Mysterious Language - lvl 56
Monk Johnatan will speak to you after completing the Caligar quest requiring a  key forged  by help of Corby. Go see Corby and get the dictionary (you will need a considerable sum of gold) and return it to the Monk.
The Blue Harpy - lvl 58
At lvl 58 the Hunter will speak to you again. Find and kill the Harpy returning it's skin to the Hunter.
The source - lvl 60
On reaching lvl 60 Rammy will speak to you again sending you to see Jada. Explore the cave system and return the item found there to Jada.


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