We are LIVE!

Important news regarding the game, to you.
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We are LIVE!

Post by Eddow » Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:50 pm

Ugaris is now "LIVE"!

Ugaris has now officially released it's "live" edition of the game, All previous players on the test server will have to re-register and create characters. This "live" version means no abuse of commands, and no wipe of database. It is safe to play. Feel free to invite all your friends! Meanwhile we will use the test server to develop new features, which will be slowly implemented on the "live" server once fully tested and bugfree. Cameron is being re-designed as we speak, with qeusts that provide more equipment for new players, more logics considering Storyline and small bugfixes in old qeusts!

What are you waitin for? Sign up now at http://ugaris.com!

PS. Feel free to use our teamspeak server at: ts.ugaris.com (no password) And our forums to communicate at: http://ugaris.com/forum

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