2015 Downtime

Important news regarding the game, to you.
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2015 Downtime

Post by Eddow » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:43 am

Dear Players,

As many of you know, Ugaris has been down, with very little feedback from the administration, for the better part of this year. There is no real good excuse as to why it was down. Simply said, we didn't bother anymore.

For a small player base as we had (1-10 players) it was not worth keeping a server that costed us 100 eur/month, and when we disbanded the old server, a new server was purchased in order to not abandon the project completely. After several days of fighting with the server, we were unable to run Ugaris on this new server and gave up.

Not untill today (22-7-2015) I decided to give it a try on another server that I rented earlier this year, and it worked. I intend on keeping this running as long as I can, and as long as financially possible (Server cost is still not free).

As for staff/god input and game management, I do not think any of us have much time anymore to do this, I had several people offering me to take over, and this might be considered in the future. For now, the game will be running and anyone can play if they want to. If there is anything you need, the best way to contact us has always been by e-mail (even though nobody ever thought about that...).

I am sorry for the trouble,


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