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New Cameron map NOW LIVE

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:13 pm
by Freya
Hello All.

The New Cameron map is now live. It has been a big deal of work and we are proud of the results. The new Cameron map features:

- A Greeter NPC which will teach new players some of the rudimentary basics of game play.
- Upgrading, detailing and refinement of most previous quests.
- New quest, ranging from level 6 to 48.
- New readable books which give more life to the environment and helps in tying together the storyline.
- New tree sprites.
- A completely overhauled forest, now featuring detailed waterways and a few surprises to those who find the secrets therein.
- Several new npcs with strong personalities and a lot on their mind.
- A bunch of new quest items to aid both new and old players with their characters.

Everything is tested, fine tuned, and we hope you will enjoy it.