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Post by Eddow » Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:05 pm

There have been a lot of questions about multying. When will we support it? When will we fix the client so it can be done again?
We have chosen to not ban multying, but not to encourage it either. Our client can now be used to multi with a little bit of tweaking.
You have 2 shortcuts on your desktop, Ugaris and Ugaris (Windowed). In order for you to multi you need a third shortcut, so copy either one, and name it: Ugaris - Multi.
After that right click Ugaris - multi, go to properties, and in the "target" box, add -x.

From now on, login to your first/main character using the normal client, and any additional alt you want to login with, use the Ugaris - Multi shortcut.

If you add the -x to your original shortcut, rather than creating a copy, it will prevent you from receiving possibly important updates..

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