Code Changes live in Ugaris

Important news regarding the game, to you.
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Code Changes live in Ugaris

Post by Freya » Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:45 pm

September 26th
Small changes:
Imp now distinguishes between male and female characters, by using "him" and "her".
LOE entry in questlog does not show for hc characters
Ruby progress listed in questlog, showing missions completed, uncompleted and failed.
HC/SC changes:
-HC/SC Will have the same bases, at 125, Seyan 110. (Needs some balancing eventually)
-HC will get 30% kill exp bonus and 10% MilExp Bonus
-HC death will still give negs
-HC/SC will lose inventory, gold, 2 random pieces of equippment. Will be lootable on body.
-A shrine turning HC characters to SC is now available in Aston, it is a temporary installment only.
Other changes:
Forest ranger Vert now warns people about the big bad spider.
Werewolf quest door added in Cameron, the quest is now back.

August 23rd
New CAMERON map live!
Contains among other features:
- A new npc greeter which can teach new players some of the basic game mechanics.
- Several new quests, ranging from levels 7 to 48.
- Re-design of all existing quests with added detailing.
- A new arena.
- A very talkative storyteller npc.
- Quest that will provide players with a total of 5 dual stat items to boost early game pleasure.

July 28th
Su/gu in mines automatically added to your inventory. Anti-macro functions added to this.
Orb respawn time decreased to 30 days, and the stands now tell you how much time there is left if you use them
IAC workers now call female characters "ma'am".

July 10th
Spawn timer added on website
Clan overview added on website
Developer channel color change
new commands added to /help
/noexp command which locks experience gain

July 5th
Changed e-mail for submitting bugs
Added "hugme" Emote
Wording change for Arkhata
Jones now says 25g (The scammer!)
Sewer items respawn every 23h
Developer channel
Developer / Eventmaster ranks.
Event alts now share the green name color of their STAFFER mains.
New teleporter
Turn off hints command "/hints"
Pent droprates Increased
silver skull rate improved further, it's good now!
Change to some shopkeeper descriptions.

June 23rd
Scrolling with wheel in chat, inventory, shops and skills.

June 20th
Added joinall
Added /showvalue
Janitor now has more on his mind.

May 31st
Gold Bug fixed

More to come, much more already on development server and in testing phase. 8-)
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