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Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:23 pm
by punk
I have a idea that comes from games like COD/GOW
Nazi Zombies
Mad Zombie apocalypse.
Minimum level 12-150 or higher
So the area required would be about the size of the sand arena or a little bigger.
Could range from swamp style
to ice levels, fire levels, and even hell style zombies, even jobby style

Various zombies


Randomized maps
Actually the sand arena would be of great use. Just a bit bigger. Vary in sizes.
With map changes per level played in the MZ maze.
So the idea is to fence off the area having multiple exits/entrances to the area per side/sides. Allowing the player to build a barricade per entrances/exits of some kind.
Like when mines reappears to block the entrances you just dug out.
Allowing you to rebuild the barricades/mine rocks

"Not sure how this would be coded"
But basically you would have fight of the horde of zombies attacking the fenced of areas barricades.

With each completed level you are teleported back to the NPC and asked to continue the  zombie apacolype.  Or receive a reward  of some kind.
Milxp/lolli/xp/gold/items/tokens/su/gu etc....
Zombies ranging from levels
Zombies gaining minimum 2 levels each time.

Level 50 and below up to +2/3
Level 51-100 + 4/5
Level 101-150 +6/8
Level 151- +    +10/12 to level

With no level xp cap what you think?

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:46 am
by Freya
I think fun :o

How about you try to detail this out further, like. Write out the required mechanics, how this would be balanced for various levels, what events would trigger this, any new npcs involved and so forth?

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:55 pm
by punk
I could do that :D

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:16 pm
by punk
Freya can you give me a detailed description what seymour says after he learns of Lousin death?

Cant seem to find it anywhere

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 3:36 pm
by Freya
I'll get it for you tomorrow. :)

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:33 am
by punk
Yes another long chat with Seymour

•Human Skull
•Silver Skull
•Find Loisan

After completing the 3rd quest for Seymour, and just learning of Loisan’s death. Seymour asks you once again for your help.

Seymour: “Oh, dear. It’s very unfortunate to hear Loisan has perished, may he rest in peace”

Seymour: I thank thee for thy help, experience given. (quest complete)

•Secret Formula (level 13-15)

Seymour: “I herd rumor that Loisan was working on a Secret Formula that would be used to render zombies harmless. He was using different methods to imprison them for experiments.

Seymour: “Regretfully the formula he designed, caused side effects, and what once help imprison them, now, has infused them with these abilities.”

Seymour:” Please search Loisan’s house, for any evidence of this mysterious formula, and bring it to me. (Name),” and I would be happy to reward thee for your troubles.

After you have searched Loisan’s house, and found a flask with a green residue. You return to Seymour to complete the quest.

Hand Seymour the flask, to complete the quest, collect your reward.


Experience/Mill Experience
Amulet +3 MS/mage, +3Parry/war

• (Something to help new players).

Once the quest is completed, Seymour hands you a letter/note. Asking you to deliver it to a NPC, by the name of Norman (level 12)

Who you can find near the swamps entrance. (Or near there?) Now entering Zombies IV
(Hole at swamp entrance)

Norman: Greetings, I am Norman. A local researcher. What can I do for thee?

(What is this place? / I have a letter / I am looking for a quest)

I have a letter

(Hand Norman the letter)

Norman: “Oh, this is very sad news, my brother Loisan has passed away.”
(Morns, in silence)

Norman: “Ah, what am I going to do now?” “This is a disaster!”

Norman: “I was assisting my brother in his research, to find a cure for the diseased zombies.”

Norman: “unfortunately, all of our research was stolen, and the formula designed to cure the zombies, had a reverse effect, the zones once used to control them, has now given them the abilities, making them immune to the controlled zones.

•Supply and Demand

Norman: “I have been working night and day, to find a ways to control them, and have designed a rare energy orb, that drains them of power. But only for a short while.

Norman: “I sent my assistant to gather supplies, yet, he hasn’t returned for several days.”

(Ernis) Future quest.

Norman: “Would you retrieve the supplies I need?”

Aye or Nae?


Norman: “oh thank you (name), here is a list of supplies needed”

*gives you a note/list*

Norman: “If you see that assistant of mine, could you tell him to return” “His name is Ernis” He was heading to Aston Park.

Right click to read

•1 Beelough Berry
•2 Chrysado Flower
•1 Ghethiye Flower
•1 Edyak Mushroom

Gather the supplies

Return to Norman, with all the supplies, he will give you a reward you.

(Experience/energy orb)

Norman: “here is an energy orbs, it will help you for a short time”

For additional orbs, you can purchase them from the energy pillar, at a cost of 200gp ea

WARNING: carrying multiple orbs, doesn’t give you more energy, they all start once you enter the Mad Zombies Maze

Energy orbs are set to 5 minutes and expires when all energy has drain from the orb

Once the time runs out, zombies will have abilities to cause more damage, and move faster.

ORBS ONLY PROTECT THE ONE WHO IS HOLDING IT!!!!!! (Place in open torch slot)

•Mad Zombies (level 15-160 or higher)

Behind this door is multi-level controlled zones, designed once to imprison the zombies, now over ran buy then. Given the circumstances I am afraid I can’t enter with you.

But you may get help from others.

Inside the zones are barricades designed to protect you, unfortunately, the zombies have learned to open these areas, located in each safe zone.

“Try to rebuild the barricades”

This works like the mines, find the barricades that allow for rebuild, click on the pile of stones to restack.

Once you have secured each level, find the teleport pillar it will automatically teleport you back to this safe room, these pillars are only active when all zombies in the zone have been destroyed.

*completing each mad zombie zone, give you a total XP boost of 0.10%* or more not really not sure on XP cap or XP gained.

(This I will leave up to game management/programmers.)


NO additional items are allowed in the Zombie Maze, but death is not real, you only lose the money you spent on the energy orb, and the time spent trying to complete it.


If you die/ lag out/ or leave the maze. The level starts all over. PLAYERS MAY NOT renter the same level, ONCE it’s been completed.

ONLY WAY TO LEAVE THIS AREA IS TO DIE!!!!! Or find the teleport PILLAR!!

If you die you are automatically teleported back to the safe room.

Zombie types
•DW (dark levels) level 20+

All participants must be within 3 levels of each other!! To join the maze together. NO LOOP HOLEs!

Levels max 4 person to a level to limit crowded areas or lag.

+3 to level •Earth /enter 15-38
+4 to level •Fire /enter 39 -69
+5 to level •Ice etc….70-98
+6 to level •Hell ONLY 3 PEOPLE MAY ENTER
+8 to level •Nightmare ONLY 2 PEOPLE MAY ENTER /enter 200+

No level XP cap………….

Located throughout the mad zombie maze, are portals, 8 in total, in each MZM are a series of rooms, find the 8 switch’s to stop the onslaught of zombies, MUST TURN SWITCHS OFF!! To close the portals

The longer you stay in the maze, the more power the zombies gain, and may level up to +4 your level (s)
For every level you gain, zombies will automatically be +2 to your level AT START OF THE MAZE, BUT WILL GAIN MORE LEVELS THE LONGER YOUR IN THE MAZE.

Locate, all experience pillars, and or military pillars, in each maze. And the zombie that holds a key to the locked room containing the teleport pillar.


This is to PREVENT people from BOOSTING! Chars, and possible keep them within a level or two of each other.

WARNING! This area is too dangerous for you! Risk of death is emanate.


In the center of each ZOMBIE MAZE, is a CANNON turret that shoots 360 degrees

(Green cannon)

To activate this cannon, locate a cannon crystal, and place it on the turret.

Cannons shoot zombies within range

(The cannon is only active for 10 minutes) but lose power as the crystal deteriorates.

NOTICE: crystals only respawn every 15 minutes. (1 crystal station PER MZM!


NO ADDITIONAL ITEMS except ENERGY ORBS! (Oh you might need a torch) are allowed

Each map is randomly generated, to be confusing and difficult.

Portal locations change, as well as all pillar locations, portal switches, and Zombie keys.

To maximize difficulty and make you fight for your life/XP.

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:39 am
by punk
Map layout

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:09 am
by punk
Sorry for any typos, was using a tablet. If any questions or remarks please post here.

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:21 am
by Freya
This is a really cool quest by the looks of it, fascinating storyline which keeps in touch with the game.

However, I think the quests need be for a higher level. At level 12 you have plenty to do. Find a few levels where there is a gap in the quest line and have these quests fill such a gap.

This looks about ready to start writing up npcs, finding out their descriptions, sprites, levels etc, and to do a rough sketch in the map editor.

Re: Mad Zombies? apocalypse

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:31 am
by punk
I agree, I don't usually leave Cameron until almost level 12, and don't usually hit pent until level 24ish, so maybe level 25+?. Its your call. Enjoy. Ill write a few more quest ideas.