Fire Underground Expansion?

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Fire Underground Expansion?

Post by Exekiel » Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:09 am

I have to admit I really love FU. But I feel like it could be bigger and more content rich. I know the map is pretty big already, but what about splitting it into 2 levels, 1 massive 30 station floor 1, a massive 30 station floor 2, spanning the same level range it does now just with more stations per level, more AK, more crystals, more golems. I think it would help fill some gaps in leveling.

Something like "you must get most of floor 1 to move to floor 2" and after you finish floor 1, you get new quests/missions in there, like "activate stations with 3 large red crystals each" "Activate 10 stations in 1 run" stuff like that as challenges.

Also, I think a fix is needed for your helpers. If they die before you get back, or you die, they won't get promoted and level up like they should, and then they become useless for the rest of FU. Perhaps have them promoted regardless of whether they are taken to fit the quest state.

Some new content could be added too. Like a few stations could give higher rewards for solving, but have like flaming orange earthmud around them. Fireball traps, etc.

The level differential between adjacent stations just seems a bit too high in some places and it seems like there could be more.
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